Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home Sweet Harbor Springs

If you can't already tell, I absolutely adore Harbor Springs, Michigan. Nashville will always be home and I will always love traveling, but this place holds an incredibly special place in my heart. It feels like home and I cannot imagine a summer without it.

And, yesterday, before we left, I decided to play photographer with my SLR and snapped some pictures of my favorite spots. Enjoy.

The harsh winters in northern Michigan make for the most beautiful of summer gardens!

In recent years, the small town of Harbor Springs has started a farmers market that takes place on Main Street two mornings a week...I love going and buying local produce up there!

These are two favorite stops whenever we're in town...Huzza is a stylish, home goods store and Tom's Mom's Cookies is the only cookies in the world that I eat besides my own Mom's...and they are to die for!

The Fudge Store is another favorite....its an adorable family owned place with delicious fudge and every kind of chocolate-covered-anything you can imagine!

I have to admit, its been hard to enjoy Harbor Springs since the loss of my grandmother, but it helps that my aunt continually plants flowers and makes sure the houses still feel like home!

This weekend was the annual regatta, U Gotta Regatta, which is fun because they have a massive variety of boats and the race sails right past our house. Unfortunately it was rainy and cloudy this year, but it was still cool to see!

I lived in Harbor Springs the summer before I started college...which was a blast and I was employed at the place I have kept in business since I can remember...Yummies! It is undoubtedly the best ice cream in America...and a fun-filled work environment. [Even Aunt Bea got a cone one night, that bad little pup!]

We had a blast this week just bopping around town, riding the tandem, and enjoying shopping and activities the boys never let us do!
This is a view of Main Street at night, with the catholic church at the end. My mom is lobbying for me to get married there, and it is a beautiful church in a fun town, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

And since it was just Ali and I (and we hardly ever see each other these days!), here are my two favorite sister pictures of the week. The first one is on our dock, as we tested the water to see how cold it was and the second one is on our front porch, one night before we went to dinner!

And, finally, this is the sunset over Lake Michigan from our front yard. Are you ready to book your trip to Harbor Springs yet?!

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