Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Things

My friend Kate shared this fascinating dating experiment with me yesterday. Its about two friends who agree to date for forty days and write about it everyday in order to work out some of their reoccurring dating issues. I could not stop reading it last night and now I cannot wait for the next days to be posted!

Yesterday was my brother Peter's birthday...we are getting old! Happy [late] birthday Petey!

My dad and I are officially training for my first ever half marathon...and I am already dying! But it will be a treat to go back up to Harbor Springs in September.

I am loving trying all these trendy, new Nashville places. We went to Legato Gelato the other night and it was divine!

"Gossip is like junk food: It’s easy to consume, it feels good in the short-term and satisfies a craving, but ultimately leaves you feeling like shit and much less healthy for having given into it. It should be beneath all of us, especially about people we actually care about, and it certainly doesn’t add anything beneficial to our lives. Only the simplest of people fill their time with talking about other people."
I stumbled across this article that I thought would be cheesy, but it had this honest quote and several other good pieces of advice!

And last but not least...I am headed to the lake today to spend one final weekend with my best friend Emily before she leaves for a year in Asia. It'll certainly be bittersweet, but I am ready for a fun weekend of tubing and sunning!


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