Monday, June 30, 2014

A Quarter of a Century Young...

Today, I am 25 years old. And I was dreading this birthday. I wasn't in the South of France like last year…and it was a Monday…and I'm getting old. But it was a fabulous few days full of celebrations, loving friends and family, and incredible adventures here in Nashville!

Saturday night, I let Bizzell convince me to have a small girls dinner to celebrate my birthday. You can't go wrong with friends, mexican food, and margaritas. So it was a small, sweet celebration and I thought that was enough!

Sunday my parents wanted to take me to an early celebratory dinner around 5:30 since they have Bible Study at 7:30 on Sunday nights. I thought nothing of it…and they picked me up in style!

We have a delicious, and I mean delicious, meal at Rolf and Daughters. I highly recommend it.

When we got almost back to my house, they wanted to see our back yard (and my dad mow had just mowed our lawn, so I figured he wanted to see how it looked). But then they asked if they could see this "green, eco friendly" house where I have been babysitting. I still thought nothing of it. When I finally walked in the door, "SURPRISE" screamed about 25 friends!!

I was completely and utterly shocked. Apparently this invitation was totally fitting :)
It was so fun…my mom had been coordinating with Camille and Bizzell to plan the whole thing!

On my actual birthday, I woke up and ate cake for breakfast and kicked off a lovely day. Bread & Company with my Mama. A brand new red bicycle from my parents. Poolside chats with friends. A walk to Bobbie's Dairy Dip. 

And then, Camille and I embarked on a biking adventure. It was so fun, until I almost died of dehydration at the end. But I can't wait for many more explorations on our bikes! And, to conclude the bike trip, we met friends at Local Taco for a yummy dinner.

We barely made it home in time for The Bachelorette viewing party, but we spent more time preparing our airport outfits than we did watching the show. 

And then, we went to the airport, decked out, to welcome Emily home from a year in China!! (And having emily home is a MAJOR birthday present in general!)

We could not have timed it more perfectly, because we got home just in time to watch the rose ceremony with friends! As if this hadn't already been enough fun and excitement, Camille wanted to get Chick-fil-a so I figured since it was my birthday, I'd accompany her for a late night milkshake. Not only did I get a delicious milkshake, but we acquired a new (FREE!) pull out couch for the love dungeon.

One aspect of my birthday that I have really missed out on being abroad so many birthdays is how nice it is to get calls and texts and be able to catch up with so many friends, near and far, on this day! Technology allowed for some fun birthday messages from afar…videos of my favorite babysitting kids singing, my siblings eating cake in my honor, and hilarious messages from friends around the world!

I may not be in an exotic place, but these past few days have been a solid reminder that I live in a wonderful place with rich community and thoughtful friends! Here's to 25!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Go 'Dores!

My blood runs black and gold. Congratulations to the Vanderbilt Baseball team on winning the college world series! 

Its good to be a Vanderbilt Commodore.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I attended an absolutely lovely wedding this weekend. 

A fun, love-striken couple. 

A concise but God-centered ceremony.

 A parade to the reception at the bride's home.

 A band with incredible dance music. 

A guest list full of Wake Forest beloved friends.

A festive, sparkler send off.

 It was a wonderful, wonderful celebration. 

The multitude of love and happiness at this wedding are a clear testament to the love and quality of Hutton and Pud! They are an outstanding couple and it was an honor to celebrate with them this weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Anchorman in the Park

Last night, we ventured over to Movie in the Park for the first time this summer! 

It was a lovely evening….Friends, Food Trucks, Blankets, Drinks, and Anchorman. 

And, of course, our favorite visitor pup, Winston!

 And it was a pretty much free activity! Just another reason to love Nashville….

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pitches Be Crazy

Our kickball team, Pitches Be Crazy, made a valiant effort, with an impressive display of talent in our season opener last Wednesday evening. 

Sadly, we did not pull out a win. We did, however, have way more fun than the other team, so that is what counts, right?!

Tomorrow night is round two. We are pumped!!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Pooch!

Happy, Happy Father's Day to this gem.

I love the way you treat Aunt Bea like she is your child...

Always have time to read me stories...

 Never complain about being our full-time handy man, lawn mower, and jack-of-all-trades….

Taught me to love traveling and seek adventures...

You have always chased us, followed us, and supported us, no matter what….

You have been an amazing example of our heavenly Father's love for us….

You are, hands down, the best Pooch in the world and I am very fortunate to call you my Dad!