Wednesday, April 23, 2014


As promised, here are the details of Ali and Jonny's surprise arrival at the beach this past weekend.

It all started on Wednesday night when my mom stopped by my house to drop something off. We were talking about the fun Easter weekend ahead, and I started complaining that Ali and Jonny weren't coming. After trying to defend that San Francisco is far and its hard for them to come for long weekends, my mom gave up and told me to call her and ask. So I left Ali a pathetic voicemail saying I'd found reasonably priced flights [for the next day!] and begging them to come. Then I left my phone and went for a walk.

I come home to missed calls, texts, voicemails…the plans were underway! In just minutes, their flights were booked and the plans for surprising the rest of the family were in the works. In typical Carroll fashion, we were all arriving at the beach on different days at different times in different forms of transportation. Usually thats annoying, but this time it was so fun because it allowed us to surprise everyone individually!

The best surprise, however, came on Saturday morning when we picked my mom up from the airport. She had a wedding Friday night so she flew down, and Peter, Brielle and I picked her up. Little did she know, there were hitch hikers and a surprise in store right down the highway.

It was hilarious and wonderful…evoking all sorts of emotions. Here are a few pictures that provide a better visual.

It was a lovely surprise that made for a fun-filled weekend with the whole family under one roof. Thanks for making the trek, Ali and Jonny!

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  1. Awww! That's awesome! how exciting :) Great photos... you guys look so happy... It's so great to have family around, isn't it? :) Even though I don't know you, this post made me smile!