Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reality starts to set it...

With the whirlwind of graduation festivities and two week trip cross country immediately following, it has really only been this week that I have had spare time to think about the reality of my life. Three weeks from today, I leave for Europe. I have hopped on international flights alone many times, but this time its a one way flight. I am not just going on vacation for two weeks or spending a summer life will soon be based in Germany. A friend sent me this article today about moving on from college life, and this quote really resonated with me. Hope this makes you think about life, reminisce fondly, and fearfully move forward too! xoxo

"The people you leave behind, you might not see again in 2 1/2 months. Or, ever. This goes for the places, too. The coffee shop you took refuge in on Saturday mornings for hangover recovery and the dive bar you spent epic weekends at, revving up for said hangovers — you can’t fit those things in your trunk or take them with you. You won’t be able to make up for the happy hours you missed or the “could-be” friendships and romances left hanging. With some people, you will be perfectly okay with this notion. Even so, it will still be a difficult concept to swallow, in general. Because this time, after summer ends and when September comes, it will just be fall. This time, there is no next semester."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great shopping...

Every girl can appreciate some good shopping...and I (embarrassingly) just now placed my first order from my sister's new company: Lydali. It is a really neat company that sells beautiful products made all around the world...a great place to shop! My sister, Ali Price, and one of my favorite friends of her's, Lydia Harter, just started the online company based out of San Francisco...and I highly encourage you to check it out.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Bucket List

This probably is not a surprise to you...but I am not a very goal oriented person. I am terrible at making lists. I am too sporadic to plan my life out that far in advance. However, the one list I have so far been successful at keeping and marking things off of, is my bucket list. (This is mostly thanks to my best friend Alison who made the list with me and is usually present when I complete tasks!) Last summer, during my travels in Europe and Africa, I was able to complete several items on my lifelong bucket list. One of my favorites, pictured below, was riding an ostrich!
 Wanting to continue that tradition this summer, I got to opportunity to drive across America with a good friend who will be spending the summer in Seattle. We left from Nashville and took a two week, cross country adventure that ended in Seattle this weekend! It was quite a whirlwind of fun explorations, and there will be more info to come, but here is out picture after completing the I-40 (formerly known as Route 66!) on the pier in Santa Monica!
More pictures and details to come soon!