Monday, August 4, 2014

A Magnificent King Wedding

The festivities that ensued this past weekend were absolutely wonderful. Matt King, a childhood friend who went to CPA and Wake Forest with me, and Susan Upton, a friend from college and post grad life in Nashville, tied the knot in good ole Winston-Salem. Matt and Susan were glowing all weekend long!

The whole weekend was thoughtfully planned and fabulous. The invitations were precious, but even from those, I could not have imagined how much fun the whole weekend would be!

It was extra fun for me, having grown up and gone to all my years of school with Matt, because our high school friends, family friends, and college friends are almost all the same people, so I knew the vast majority of people there! It was so fun to reconnect with friends from all facets of life. The weekend was filled to the brim with wonderful reunions.

The rehearsal dinner was at Old Towne Country Club, and it was sweet and the toasts were both hilarious and heartfelt.

After the rehearsal dinner, there was a second party on Friday night that included all the wedding guests, a band, dancing, Wake Forest decor, and a lot of fun and laughter!


Saturday was a lovely day, filled with breakfast at the Graylyn, exploring the beautiful Graylyn, showing Nashville friends around campus, meeting up with college friends, lunching at the Tavern, all before getting ready for the actual wedding festivities to begin…


The ceremony was beautiful, held at a church in Winston that I had never been to, but it was tastefully done and both Matt and Susan were so excited through the entire thing!

And then the reception commenced. It was at the Graylyn, which was both convenient and beautiful. It set the stage for a wonderful night of dancing, catching up, eating, drinking, and celebrating.

The band was incredible, and there was even a little guest performance from Carolina Blend, which was Matt, Pud and James' college band.

Words cannot describe how wonderful the celebration was…it truly was a magnificent weekend!

Congratulations to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Matthew King!

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