Monday, May 6, 2013

Eleanor and Kevin tie the knot!

While this whole trip to America was incredible and indescribably wonderful, the wedding of Eleanor and Kevin was certainly the most memorable part! It was such a beautiful celebration of a wonderful couple that is so dear to my heart.

The wedding was held in Virginia, at a small country home that overlooked the Potomac River. It was a small and intimate setting, but a breathtaking setting that could not have been more picturesque. The outdoor ceremony was fitting for Eleanor's hippie side, and all the colors and flowers created an absolutely amazing look. 

Alison, my best friend and Eleanor's sister, was the maid of honor and only bridesmaid, but Ali and I served as adult flower girls, which was hilarious.

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour overlooking the river. One of the things that made this wedding inexplicably fun was all the favorite, by far, was the tattoo bar! 

The adorable straws, flowers, and lively guests made every moment of this day so exciting.

We all paraded, led by Alison with this huge balloon, to the barn for the reception. The barn was tastefully decorated with flowers and, again, so much fun details like crossword puzzles about Ele and Kev and a photo booth with millions of props!

The reception was magnificent, both in decor and in the fun of dancing the night away. 

Alison and I kept saying how we didn't want the night to even end. Having the whole Carroll and Campbell families breaking it down on the dance floor was a sight to see. But, sadly, after an amazing evening, we waved streamers and sent the couple on their way to honeymoon in Vietnam!

The photographer, rebekah murray, was amazingly talented, so I cannot wait to see the rest of her pics from the day, but here is one of my favorites!
I can't wait to share about the rest of the amazing weekend!


  1. SO AMAZING. cant believe its all over. sad. next is you lod!!

  2. The most beautiful part of the whole weekend was seeing my two girls' shinning faces (and the three boys!)
    Loved being with you! The Poochster