Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On the agenda for this weekend is a casual trip to....

Thats right! Tomorrow morning I head to America for the first time in five months (that is, if the sketchy airport transport service picks me up in the morning....its a holiday in Germany so the buses aren't running!). Excitement would be a major understatement...the whole Carroll family will be reunited for the wedding of Eleanor and Kevin! I have no doubt that the weekend will be an amazing celebration...and I can't wait to spend time with so many people I love!

Also, I took some amateur engagement pics of them back in the fall, but they recently had these beautiful ones professionally done. The one above is my favorite, but they are all stunning.

I can't wait to play like the old days this weekend...Although I promise Alison and I will both refrain from making these faces.



  1. yayyyyy fingers crossed you get picked up no problem! see you at the airport!

  2. HAPPY !!!! crazy dog.. bah wish i still had that leopard swimsuit!