Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turkey Round Two...Coming Right Up!

I am so excited for my travels this weekend for a variety of reasons! I am headed to Turkey to meet my dear, dear friend Kate, which will be a blast in and of itself. We are spending a few days in Izmir, relaxing at the beach and maybe even taking a dip in the Aegean Sea if its warm enough! We will also be visiting Ephesus, home of the Ephesians! I am really excited to walk in the place where so much Biblical history took place. I can't wait to report back on this trip, but I have no doubt that it will be incredible on so many levels.

In preparation for seeing Ephesus, I have been reading Ephesians and Acts, and I came across this verse that I wanted to share. It is a simple reminder of how we are called to live our lives, despite anything that may be going on around you.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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