Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Raw, Real Day

I recently read this article "Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life" and it's been on my mind lately. I never want to make my life seem perfect. Especially this year, as I have gotten some incredible travel opportunities, I want to make it clear that anytime I'm not posting on social media is probably because I am bored out of mind. Or taking a nap. Maybe this was just my justification to myself, but no one wants to see pictures or read blogs about the lonely days I spend in my apartment in the sticks of Germany.

Well, today, you get to hear about one of those not-so-ideal days. It was just an off day. I rolled out of bed exhausted, just minutes before I was supposed to be at school. Not many dragons wanted to come to my offers. The boys were misbehaving and pretending like they didn't understand me when I was talking to them. And I was super tired all day, but knew I had a long staff meeting to sit through this afternoon. Sidenote, one tricky part of my job is that I essentially have three bosses that I answer to. I had taken the dragons on an outing that Nicole had recommended to me, but in the meeting Georg went on and on reprimanding me saying I should not have done that. Katha went off on this long tangent about how the dragons can't read my handwriting, which should not have been a big deal at all, but by the nature of this school, it turned into a thirty minute conversation involving all eight staff members. The meeting dragged on and on, and about four hours in, I decided to count and see how many more of these horrible staff meetings I would have to endure. TEN. Ten more meetings, at a minimum of five hours each, which means at least fifty more hours of my life will be wasted sitting in an uncomfortable chair straining to understand their German which is rarely even anything worth my while. That's a little disheartening. Today was just one of those days...

The only bright spot was, when I finally asked to be excused from the meeting after almost six hours, I went for a run and saw this beautiful sunset and listened to this encouraging sermon. I hope your Wednesday was more exciting than mine.

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  1. I think this is SUCH a good point: " We check in with our phones when it seems like nothing fun is happening in our own lives—when we’re getting our oil changed or waiting for the coffee to brew."