Monday, April 1, 2013

Bratislava: The Dark Horse City

While I was stoked about this whole trip, the portion in Bratislava, Slovakia was not on the top of my list for the most hyped up city. In all honesty, we were just going because my friend Bailey is playing professional volleyball there so we wanted to pay her a visit. Well, after three fun filled days, I stand corrected. Bratislava, or Partyslava as we affectionately call it now, is an amazing city.

It's situated right on the Danube, with an old town that is full of character and incredible resturaunts. Bailey was an amazing and knowledgable tour guide, showing us all the hotspots. The only downside were our accomodations. Rita and I stayed in a sketchy sketchy hostel... while Alison and Bailey camped out at her lovely home nicknamed Probably Killed Overnight. On the plus side, the ice cream place we got dessert tonight holds the Guinness book of world records for the most scoops on one cone. But seriously, Bratislava was sunny with great sights and friendly people.

Additionally, it was the perfect place to spend Easter because Baileys adopted family had all four of us over for a delicious Easter dinner. Their six month old baby was precious and it was so relaxing to have a home cooked meal.

Even now, as Rita and I board out overnight train to Poland, we are not only super sad to leave our friends, but truly sad to be saying goodbye to lovely Slovakia.




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