Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life on the Go...

After a fun-filled, adventurous two and half weeks of travel, I am ready to get home. With the busyness of travel and being able to spend time with friends, this trip seems like it's flown by in some aspects. On the other hand, I am so exited to unpack this bag, put on clean pajamas, and sleep in my own comfy bed because it seems like it's been decades. I never thought I'd say this after the copious amounts of alone time I've had this year, but I am ready to have some down time. Tomorrow, Rita and I will pack up our bags one last time, but this time I'll be headed home (is it weird that Germany is home to me now?!). This seven country tour has been amazing, but I'm ready to take a [one week] break from traveling!


p.s. and as of tomorrow, I can start blogging from my computer again so the posts won't be in this weird format :)

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  1. It is not weird that Germany is home; it's awesome.