Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sun is Setting on Summer 2012...

Today marks the last day of what has been a fabulous summer. And, sadly, what might be my last real summer. Tomorrow, the dragons are coming. (I call the students dragons because the school literally translates to The Dragon School). I am feeling a mix of emotions...excited to meet my students but sad about the places and friends I have left behind for now, and also nervous to see what teaching will be like and wondering where this next chapter of my life will take me.

I feel like the sunset metaphor is perfect for a day like today, the closure of an amazing summer and the beginning of something new and unknown. I have also been fortunate enough to see some absolutely beautiful sunsets all over the world this summer, so I thought this would be a good time to commemorate the summer as I step onward to my next adventure in life. (And it helps that I love sunsets so I had PLENTY of pictures of them from throughout my summer.)
The sun setting on my Wake Forest career as I graduated in May. I adored my time  at this school, a mixture of fun, challenging, stimulating, tough, and hilarious times. I was sad to leave Wake and my friends there, but it was time.

The sun setting over the grand canyon, as we stopped there on the road trip. It was amazing to see the sun reflecting across the vastness of the canyon. This experience was a very spiritual one for me.
The sun setting over the Seattle harbor on our last night of the road trip, it was a cool sight to see and significant as we closed out a two week trip across America.

The sun setting over one of my favorite farms in Nashville, which makes me appreciate the beauty of the town in which I've always called home.
The sun setting in our front yard over Lake Michigan, as I spent the 4th of July up there with my family and a few close friends. It is my favorite holiday and one of my favorite places, so it was a great vacation and send off for Germany.

The sun setting in my front yard in Nashville, just a few nights before I left. It is a sad but real reminder that part of growing up is moving (far, far away) from home.

The sun setting over the ocean, as we stood on the deck of our cruise ship one evening. It's neat to see the same beautiful sunset from all different parts of the world. And because we were so far out in the ocean, the sky seemed like it went on forever, with never ending colors reflecting from the sun.

The sun setting over Wald-Michelbach, taken from the window of my new apartment. It makes me feel right at home in the new place, knowing that I can still see and appreciate the beauty of the sunset every night from my kitchen.



  1. If I knew how to spell a whistle, I would post one of those wowee whistles-- beautiful pics of God's handiwork, and a great way to mark the end of a season. Fun and adventure on the horizon-- I want to see a series of sunrises to mark that!!! Not likely--

  2. This made me emotional! You're a lucky gal, and every one of those sunsets is breathtaking. It's cool to remember that - we all watch the same sunset, every single day.