Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Learning to Live in Deutschland...

After an eventful two weeks of traveling in Europe, with my dad lugging all 100 pounds of my luggage and enjoying my first cruise ever, I am finally (almost settled) in my new home! Wald-Michelbach, Germany will be my home base, at least for the next year. My parents left this morning and the good-bye was far from dry-eyed. This whole living in Germany thing feels very real now, which is indescribably nerve-racking and exciting. The town looks like a quintessential German town, red roofs and cute little bakeries and shops. I really have not done much yet besides move into my apartment, so I will just show you guys two of my favorite parts of my new home: my polaroid wall and where i store my clothes.

the polaroid wall: since i am living alone, i knew i wanted to display a lot of pictures and make my walls look festive. i quickly filled my bulletin board and my photo hanger, before i even remembered to get out all my polaroid pictures. so, i decided to give them their own location, just between the two skylights in my bedroom. it turned out surprisingly well and i designed it so i can add more pictures as i take them!

clothing storage: since my apartment came furnished and painted, i was worried about not being able to make it cute or personalized to me. however, i haven't found that to be a problem (except the kitchen cabinets that i desperately need to repaint!). but this cute clothing rack was perfect for my clothes, and my mom is sending me cute hangers to make it even better. i just love the exposed closet and simplicity of this. it did make me realize that i might have taken the whole "wear darker colors in europe" thing a little too seriously since there are fairly any colors in my closet, but i love that i can hang things on the side (purses, scarves, belts...) and it just looks decorative!

That is all I have to share now...but I'm certain there will be more as my adventures continue! xoxo

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  1. Your new home is adorable. We are sure excited for you!