Tuesday, July 24, 2012

City of Love...

As I type, I am laying in my bed watching the lights sparkle on the Eiffel Tower. Paris really is a beautiful city. And luckily for us, our hotel crowned us "Guests of the Day" which gave us a room that overlooked the city, free drinks at the rooftop bar, and free room service breakfast (which I am looking forward to in the morning!).

Today was a fun-filled day to say the least, we woke up in Oxford with all the Prices, and walked into town for a quick breakfast. After that, we went punting. The Prices taught us all to punt last summer in Cambridge, but it was fun to put all my canoeing skills (shout out to camp desoto!) to use once again! We did have a few near mishaps and my dad nailed a little Asian kid with the paddle by accident, but all in all we had a wonderful time!

After that it was time for me and my parents to catch the train to the eurostar, so we sadly said goodbye to both sets of Prices. Margaret, however, insisted that we take a bottle of champagne (they had plenty left even after the wedding!) to celebrate with after making in through the Chunnel. My parents are not big drinkers AT ALL, but my mom thought that sounded fun so we packed the champagne in her purse. When we crossed into France, they carefully and quietly tried to open the bottle. Remember it had been in my moms purse for about four hours at this point. BAM! POP! The bottle flew open! The cork shot across and hit me in the arm! Champagne sprayed everywhere, drinching both us and the people across from us. The whole train car clapped. It was hilariously embarassing, and we proceeded to drink the whole bottle!

The last thing I'll add is that our view is I am attaching one more picture! And tomorrow night we board our cruise for Scandanavia...wish us luck!


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