Friday, July 13, 2012

"Traveling will change you like little else can..."

With exactly one week until I board my one way flight to Europe, I was beginning to question why I wasn't just staying in Nashville. I love this city. I will (as most of you have problem had to listen to one of my rants...) try to persuade anyone to move here. My family is here and no one can hold a candle to my mom's homemade rolls or cookies. And the music scene here is incredible. So tonight, as I was enjoying the James Taylor concert and soaking in Nashville, I started really wondering why I had ever agreed to leave this wonderful city. And then, in perfect timing, I came across this wonderful article. I know I love to travel and I've been lucky enough to do my fair share of it, but it just never gets easier to leave the comforts of the old, well-known places. I, time and time again, find myself crying on airplanes. I cry as I depart Nashville usually because I am scared of the unknown, but I also cry just about every time I am coming home because I am sad the adventure has come to an end. So, as this article instructs us to do, get out there and travel while you still can. You may not be as young as you wish (yikes i just turned 23!), but if you do not travel now, you likely never will. And you will miss out of some invaluable lessons and some breathtaking sights.

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