Sunday, July 22, 2012

starting out rough...

well the trip has improved exponentially from the way it flights were delayed which led to me spending the night on a cot (think homeless shelter...) in the chicago airport. I was alone and without my luggage...I just put the hood up to my sweatshirt and tried to sleep like a hoodlum. at about 2am, I realized I was going to have to take ambien if I wanted to catch any zzzs. not wanting to fall into a deep sleep on a sketchy cot in the airport with my purse beside me, I settled for half an ambien in hopes that it would put me to sleep for about 5 hours and then I could wake up like a normal human being. well, it would have been nice if the rude American airlines employee had mentioned (when he so kindly told me that if I wanted a hotel room I'd have to pay for it myself and take a cab an hour each way...) that the cots were collected at 4am so not to get in the way of the morning flights. so two hours into my ambien-hybernation, the airport employees woke me up and told me they needed my cot, blanket, and pillow. I groggily woke up and stumbled, half asleep to my gate.

the rest of my trip was uneventful and I made it to London only about 10 hours later than planned...and just in time for Rachel and tom's wedding! now, British weddings are a bit longer than American ones...meaning they last about 12 hours and people drink the entire time! the wedding was absolutely beautiful...a nice ceremony, a double decker bus ride to the reception, and a band and drinks on the lawn of this beautiful old home! and that was just the begginging...after cocktail hour(s!), we had a full dinner and numerous speeches and, of course, more drinking! by the time dinner ended I was exhausted from the combination of jet lag, a sleepless night in Chicago, the alcohol, and the fact that the wedding had already lasted 7 hours and it was only 8pm! I was regrettably ready to take a cab home, when they offered that I could just nap in the bride's room upstairs! so Ali made me a nice palet on the floor and I passed out for two hours then returned to the wedding just in time to see the amazing firework show on the golf course! after that, we enjoyed a few hours of dancing before showing Rachel and Tom with rose pedals and sending them off around midnight! it was a marathon of a day, but a wonderful celebration!!

I woke up today feeling much more rested, and we went to church with everyone then me and my parents went into London to meet Katy, one of my best friends from wake who is here working at the Olympics, for lunch! Katy and I had a wonderful afternoon exploring the covent gardens area, shopping, and drinking pims down by the water! and tonight we are headed to Oxford with's hard to believe I was home three days ago but this adventure has definitely not been boring!


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