Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snarls...My 5th Birthday Present

As an almost five year old, I remember crying and begging for a cat for my birthday. Now, the logical thing to do would have to buy me a stuffed animal cat or something of that nature. But, alas, my parents gave in and bought me the real deal. I got a black kitten and named her Sweetie Pie. 
I liked her for a year or two, but she was mean and scratched a lot, so we quickly started calling her Snarls.

A solid 15 years later and I am still disliking this cat, but she is still alive and well. I spent the summer in Cape Town before my junior year of college. Meanwhile, my room at home was empty and unused...or so we thought. Snarls had posted up under my bed and never left...meaning she used the bathroom under there for an entire summer. I came home disgusted and immediately threw her out of the house. So the 15 year old cat became an outdoor animal and we were certain she couldn't live much longer.

Wrong. She explored the outdoors for a little while...then has been posted up on our back patio for the past two years straight, still hoping someone will take pity on her and let her inside.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I had to work early, my parents were gone for the day, and Camille was asleep upstairs in my room. I come home to find a mangled Snarls outside the back door. I was disgusted and alarmed.

I took her in and gave her a bath, attempting to clean her wounds and dry her off, but Camille and I were positive she had to be at the tail end of her ninth life. 

My mom took her to the vet that afternoon [her first vet visit in at least a decade]. Instead of scolding us for this half-dead 19 year old cat, they shaved around her wounds, gave her a shot of antibiotics, and sent her home to recover. More importantly, though, they had this chart that tells us she is NINETY FOUR years old. 

Snarls is, as of an hour ago, still very alive.  She might be deaf and mean and have some crazy scars, but this cat is one tough cookie.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mumford and Sons

So, if you know me at all, you are probably aware that Mumford and Sons is my favorite band of all time.

 When the news came out this weekend that they are taking an indefinite break, I had extremely mixed emotions. Clearly I was sad. I love seeing them live. All three times that I have traveled [far and wide] to see them, it has been worth it ten times over! Seeing Mumford and Sons perform live is a pure joy.

Junior year, I drove 4 hours to Knoxville and back in one night to see them live at this small-ish venue with my friend Rita. It was an incredible show and we even got the set lists after!

That following summer, I left Kenya after six weeks without electricity or running water, landed in London on my birthday and promptly went to meet friends and see Mumford perform in Hyde Park. It was an amazing, amazing birthday!

Just this past March, two of my very best friends in the world were visiting me in Germany and we flew to Florence to meet another close friend and saw Mumford live that night. If I was designing my perfect day, this just might be it. It was an Italian evening, a CPA reunion, an absurdly hilarious night, and an absolutely terrific performance by Mumford and Sons. 

On the other hand, I have a ton of respect for them for recognizing their need for a break. Especially in the entertainment industry, but even just in the world, this rarely happens. So, as heart breaking as it will be to have no more new Mumford and Sons music, I have to give them major props for doing what they need to do.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Big Brothers Big Sisters!

My dad retired from his regular job earlier this year, but retirement didn't last long and now he is the CEO of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It is a great organization with the simple idea of pairing an adult with a "little" who is at risk for one reason or another, as a mentoring partnership.

My dad's little brother, Trey, is adorable and they hang out all the time. They even went to Chicago together, which was Trey's first time on a plane and an exciting adventure all around.

On Saturday, they hosted a lovely picnic for all the bigs and littles to come to and hang out together. I unfortunately wore a dress, which made sack racing and hula-hooping difficult, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the day. Here are a few visual aids for understanding the amazing work this organization does.





Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Friday [and weekend!]

This is my inspiration for the day...

It seems easy to be filled with joy when I have no pressing responsibilities, a low-key weekend ahead, and I am cruising around Nashville with a popsicle and my pup in tow.

It does not seem so easy to be filled with joy when a close friends' dad suffers from a heart attack and all the fear and sadness that comes along with that.

Both of these feelings have been a reality for me in the past 24 hours, but it has been neat to choose to put my hope in Christ, the only real hope in this world.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Celebrating Lucy!

Following the trend of d-group showers, we threw a little party yesterday in honor of Lucy and Sam's upcoming wedding! Lucy did not want to have another "shower", so instead, we just had a festive party on the back porch! 

 It started off with hugs all around...

 And then, of course, some food and drinks!!

Lots of catching up, snacking and drinking, and a few wedding games!

 It was a lovely afternoon all around and I am thankful for these precious, old friends!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

So Long, Sweet Summertime

My dad announced today that he told the pool man to close up the pool tomorrow, so this afternoon we went for one last dip in the ice box. My mom did an amazing job and captured the jumps on camera.

And for round two...where I accidentally landed directly on top of Aunt Bea!

Happy Fall!