Thursday, September 12, 2013

The House Hunt is Over...

My parents are wonderful, but living at home at age 24 is not exactly ideal. So, I have been house hunting. Avidly house hunting. For about two months straight. And, finally, the hunt is over and I have two houses!!

We are renting this adorable house in Sylvan Park to live in. Rita, Camille, and I move in in a few short weeks and we are ecstatic. 

I bought this little one on Louisiana Ave, which is in a up and coming area in West Nashville. It has a lot of personality, and while I plan to rent it out now, I would ideally like to live in it in a few years if the area continues to improve.

I am excited to have my own space, live with friends, and be closer to Vandy...but I am MOST excited about entertaining. So, friends, get ready for regular invitations to our new home!



  1. Looks like a great front porch to sit on...

  2. Hey, congratulations! We’ve all been to this point – needing to move out of our parent’s. And as it is a different experience for everyone, we are all faced with the same endeavor - house hunting, which is actually just a minor part of it. An interlude to living independently. Wishing you all the best! Calvin@City Block Team

  3. It is, indeed, exciting to have your own place. It's one of the best investments you can have in life. You can start with a tiny home and then do improvements later on. When you're not fond of seeing your contractors demolishing your home, you can sell your current house and buy another online, if you are doing well with your finances. You can always ask a broker to help you out on this one anyway. ;)

    Kevin Fritz @ IronPointMortgage