Sunday, August 19, 2012


Everyone is probably familiar with the saying, "It's the little things in life...", but living in Germany has made that saying ring especially true for me. Though I am fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place, there are tough days, times when I miss my family and moments that I wish there wasn't a 7 hour time difference between me and my friends. Despite those, I have been the recipient of so many little blessings that have made my adjustment significantly easier. It's so important to take note of these bright spots and focus on the good in my life. So, to help myself do that, here is a list of a few of the little things that have made me happy the past few days.

When I was at dinner in Berlin on Friday night, I started chatting with a German couple nearby asking them what to see in the city, and after an extremely helpful conversation, the waiter brought my bill. The mad took my bill and declared that my dinner was on them, which was so generous and unexpected!

Berlin was the perfect city to visit alone, because most of what I wanted to see was art, such as the Berlin wall, the countless historic buildings, and the memorial to the Jews. (I really hadn't realized this beforehand, I just kinda decided to go and then looked at tour websites to plan what I wanted to see.) Art is one thing that I would actually prefer to enjoy alone, so I could not have picked a better city as my first solo trip.

I came home tonight to find not one, but TWO packages from my sweet mom. They were filled with stuff I'd forgotten, treats from home, and supplies for my it was a pleasant welcome home surprise!

I have been lucky enough to be the receive some hilarious e-mail from Grace, (who never ceases to make me laugh even if we are thousands of miles apart) about some crazy family antics that we can both appreciate the humor in.

Clearly I am an novice blogger, but my sister asked me to blog for her company, Lydali, and list my favorite things. It was so easy, as I love their products, but I was honored to be featured on a real blog!

I have been picking blackberries that grow on the path where I walk into town. When I got back after the weekend in Berlin, there were billions ripe and ready to be picked! I picked for nearly an hour and there were still tons left, but I am excited about blackberries on my cereal all week!
I hope these things brighten your day like they brightened mine!

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