Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids After My Own Heart...

After two weeks of teaching, I already love my little dragons. Even with the language barrier, it is apparent that they all have zest for life and enjoy giggling, learning, playing, and just plain hanging out with me. Today, even on my day off, I had an interaction with my students that made me even more certain that I love them and that we are cut out of the same material.

The smaller kids were learning how to tell time on analog clocks yesterday, and I was helping them practice saying the times in English. Jonna and Linn Sophie told me (in English/German/hang signals...) that they were going to the store to get supplies so they could make a clock cake tomorrow. This was the first good sign...anyone uses any excuse possible to bake is a kindred spirit of mine.

So this morning as I went out for a run, I walked past the kitchen and they called out to me to come see the cake they were working on.

The work in progress!
So, I went for my run and came back after, only to hear the girls squealing and telling me I had to come have some cake with them! When I walked in, a bunch of little dragons were circled around the table, not eating their actual clock cake at all, but licking the batter bowl, the icing bowl, and eating the excess cake that had been cut off to make the clock shape. And I immediately fell into a new level of after my very own heart. Never in my memory has my mom made any baked good where I didn't lick the bowl or the beaters til I got every last drop. And it made me so happy to see my students doing the exact same thing!

All the kids (and me of course!) gathered around to help take care of the last bits of icing in the pan!

Adrian came late to the party so he was shoveling in the cake crumbs quickly!

Jonna scrapes the last bit of icing out!

Lena, Linn Sophie, Ava, and Jonna were the main cooks...and here they are with the finished project. An amazing clock cake! (and we did practice telling time with it was at least a little bit educational!)

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