Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Domestic in Deutschland...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to bake anything sweet...mostly chocolate chip cookies but also brownies, funfetti cookies, coke cake, pumpkin muffins...and the list goes on. Well, I've decided to expand my horizons a little since I have nearly unlimited blackberries these days. So I looked up several recipes, bought the supplies, made sure I picked plenty of berries, and took on the challenge of making homemade blackberry jam!

With the input from several recipes, here is what I decided would be the best combination:
5 cups of blackberries
a few raspberries sprinkled in
a squirt of lemon juice
2 cups of plain sugar
2 cups of sugar with pectin

This little project was surprisingly fun, quick, and easy! I got out all my supplies, then vaguely measured the berries and the sugar (in separate bowls).
After I had all that ready to go, I mashed the berries and put them in a pot on the stove. I stirred continuously and added a few squirts of lemon juice. It started to boil pretty fast.
The smell was to die for...I just wanted to soak it in all day. But I kept stirring ferociously to keep my jam from burning!
I poured in the sugar, and kept stirring, stirring, stirring! (and inhaling the wonderful smell...and probably some major calories considering how much sugar I had just added! haha)
And after 10 minutes on the stove, I scooped the foam off the top and poured in into three cute jars! It had to cool for 12 hours (and it was scorching HOT when I was pouring it...) but it was ready this morning. And it was delicious with my breakfast :)
I would highly recommend this...I could have done with a little less sugar to be healthier but it really is delectable and its fun to have it be completely home made! It would be a great gift idea too because its personal and who doesn't like jam?!

P.S. I continued my domestic streak and made brownies with the dragons today...a treat they do not usually have in Germany! My mom shipped me our favorite Ghiradelli brownie mix and the kids absolutely loved it!


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  1. That sounds SO good - you should start stockpiling and bring home, like, one jar of jam from each season of your year abroad or something!