Sunday, March 31, 2013

Travel/Rest Balance

As much as I love traveling, it can be painfully exhausting. Hostels are great, until your roommates start bustling around, talking loudly at 6am. We love walking the cities exploring all day, but we do not ever want to waste an afternoon by napping. Or miss a nice dinner and exploring the nigtlife to catch some extra zzzs. Don't get me wrong, this travel loop has been incredible and we've had quite the crew, but after a solid week on the go, we need some rest.
So, for our first relaxing activity, we spent a day in the thermal baths of Budapest. Farley summed it up well when he said "it was a relaxing experience punctuated with bouts of insanity..." It was a very neat experience though.

Another way we have slipped rest into our vigorous schedule is on travel days. You know it's a travel day when we are all sporting the comfy clothes...leggings, flannels, sweaters...basically anything you can nap in. We hop on the train, checking about 30 times to make sure it's the correct one, then just pass out til we arrive in our next city!

Hopefully we can sustain this busy but incredible travel lifestyle for one more week!


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