Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Waffles, Belgian Beer....

Are you convinced to move to Belgium yet? We were all pretty sold after this weekend.

Emily and Bizzell arrived bright and early Friday morning and we literally hit the ground running. I picked them up from the airport with treats and mimosas to enjoy on the train and we were exploring the beautiful city of Brussels by lunchtime!

The funniest moment was when we excitedly took our first bites of our first, delicious Belgian waffle that was covered in warm chocolate and fresh strawberries, only for Em to accidentally drop the entire thing in the street! It was a sad but hilarious moment.

Saturday morning we headed to Brugge. Walking through the quiet cobblestone streets of Brugge made us feel like we were characters in an old European novel. We took a boat tour, which was beautiful but freezing. And, of course, enjoyed plenty of Belgian chocolate and waffles!

All of us would happily return to the quintessential town of Brugge for more exploring, chocolates, and relaxation. But Sunday after a delicious waffle breakfast, we hopped on a train and headed back to Wald-Michelbach to spend the week here in my hometown.


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