Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cozy Homes and Homemade Champagne!

Yesterday, my sweet student Dominik invited me to his house after school. Their home was adorable...the kind of place where you immediately feel comfortable curling up with a blanket to relax. We had a fun afternoon...they showed me around, his mom made chocolate waffles, Dominik showed me his favorite movie, and we all chatted (and played with their adorable dog!).

But at dinner, his father mentioned that we should try his homemade champagne. I was so surprised, having had no idea it was possible to make champagne at home. He explained how you make it from flowers (and I found the recipe online!) but it was delicious! We had a glass of sage champagne and a glass of elderflower...and I actually liked the sage better, which surprised me. It was such a nice evening overall, and it made me want to make homemade champagne to have it as a treat when guests come over for dinner!


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