Friday, March 22, 2013

Sledding the Alps

I know I need to learn to ski (and it's on my 1001 list!) but I just didn't think that paying an arm and a leg to spend my day in the alps on the kiddie slopes with an instructor was worth it. So, our lovely new friends said they'd take Rita and I to sled the ski runs as they skied. And it was hilarious, entertaining, and a great way to take in the beautiful surroundings.
Our new friends, who are both working for the winter up here at resorts, stopped with us at a delicious local resturaunt (with an astounding view!) for lunch, then continued our sledding after a relaxing meal.
The only near mishap was when I missed a turn for the bob run and proceeded onto a serious ski slope. I was screamed for Rita and laughing and flalling my arms around, as skiers flew past me unamused and probably annoyed. I finally come to a stop at the chair lift and then spent the next twenty minutes wandering until Rita and I finally met back up! Needless to say, the day in Gimmelwald was full of adventure!


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