Sunday, March 24, 2013

Overnight train to the imperial city...

After spending way too much money in the most expensive city in the Europe (see sad faces), Rita and I boarded an overnight train from Zurich to Vienna. It was more like an overnight closet. Our cabin mates, all four of us sleeping in a room that my go go gadget arms could reach all sides of at any given time, only spoke German so I conversed with them a bit before we hopped into our tiny tiny beds for a quick nap before we were awoken with a horrible train breakfast. 

The overnight train was a funny experience, but we arrived in Vienna to meet our friend Farley in a cold snowy town! We enjoyed a day of numb nosed exploring the beautiful imperial city, but loved catching up and had a delicious authentic Austrian dinner at a local place that Farley discovered. And we can't wait to explore the markets of Vienna tomorrow.


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