Sunday, March 3, 2013

English by Immersion...

I am firm believer in the effectiveness of learning a language by immersion. Since I only speak to my students in English, I have been pleased with the way they have learned to speak english more and more over the past eight months. And while many of them can speak english well at this point, their spelling skills are horrific and hilarious. Here is a few pictures from a vocabulary exercise we did recently.

At least they're sounding out the words, right?! Maybe I need to start working on annunciating my words a little more clearly.

P. S. This is what I have been doing to entertain myself this weekend! Maybe if you're lucky you'll get one in the mail :)
Hope you had a relaxing weekend, too!


  1. I'm checking the mail, hoping for a card!!

  2. I think I saw "Poochie" on one of the address lines of your post cardds....

  3. Look how cute all of your water colors are!! Hilarious least they've got phonics covered ;)

  4. you're inspiring me to get craftier with my free time.