Friday, March 1, 2013

March Madness

And as much as I enjoy filling out my bracket every year, that is not what I am excited about this March. This month I have, two, three, four!...friends coming to visit! I literally could not be more excited...and we have quite the travel agenda this month (and spilling over into April, too!).

First up, Emily and Bizzell arrive in exactly one week! Emily has been my best friend for my entire life, seeing as we were born three days apart and our parents were already good friends! But, we have cultivated a wonderful friendship of our own over the years...including trips to Africa, the beach, Colorado, the lake, California, Auburn, and London. Emily and I have shared some wonderful and some trying travel experiences, and she has been nothing but an amazing, fun, faithful friend through it all...I can't wait for Em to be here!

Bizzell and I met in sixth grade, when the girl with poofy blonde hair and bright blue eye shadow walked into Mr. Lenger's math class. We were fast friends, probably because we were both painfully awkward and completely unaware of it. Since then, we have had some hilarious and wonderful times together...but this is our first big trip (aside from many wonderful trips to the beach, visits in college, and a few other road trips...) together and I cannot wait to be extremely entertained by her hilariousness as we travel around Europe!

After a week of exploring Belgium and introducing Emily and Bizzell to the dragons, we are flying to Florence to enjoy one of my favorite cities in Europe, see Mumford and Sons live, and meet up with Rita! Rita is a very adventurous friend and will be my travel companion for much of the spring! We have quite the lineup and we just bought Global Eurail passes to accommodate all the places we will be visiting. Rita and I, though we have enjoyed plenty of concerts together and done some traveling around America as a team, have never been outside the states together. I can't wait to show Rita my life in Europe.

In Vienna, Rita and I are meeting Farley (although he doesn't count as a visitor because he lives in Europe and I've seen him several times over here!) and the next day, my lifelong BFF Alison will be joining us! Alison and I have not lived in the same place since the good ole days on Gardendale Drive when we were 8 years old, so traveling together is our jam. From the Moroccan heat waves, to tandem biking across the golden gate bridge, to exploring the catacombs in Paris, to British weddings and insanely nice hotels, to DC playdates and plenty of trips to Wake Forest and Georgia Tech, Alison and I have had amazing adventures together and I have no doubt that this trip be just as incredible!

If this year has taught me anything, its that I am beyond blessed by the friendships that I have in my life. I have wonderful friends in every facet of my life, and I cannot wait for these four to see my life here in Germany!



  1. haha your top graphic is peeerfect. friends are so good!

  2. Cant wait to conquer international countries 4-6 with you!!!