Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stylin' Dragons...

With the whole free school thing going on, all of my students are exceptionally creative. and I love that. However, when I become the object of their creativity, things get a little interesting. The girls always want to paint my nails crazy colors, request that I wear absurd jewelry, and constantly try to style my hair. The only thing I let them do on the reg is style my hair. Lets be honest, its out of control already so they can't really do much to mess it up. And surprisingly, their styles have improved drastically over the past few months. As of late, I am really liking what they have done!

These were at the beginning of the year...a crazy twist braid and an attempt at straightening.

But recently, they did a beautiful fish tail braid and three braids merging into one...both of which I was pleasantly surprised by! Maybe this whole "free school" thing does work out in the end...


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