Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dragons do Faschings...

I walked into school yesterday in normal clothes and the dragons were livid. Although the party did not start till 11, they wanted me to wear my costume all day. So I went back to get suited up. And that was the beginning of the hilarious day. I do not think I can depict the day with words, so I'll just leave you with plenty of pictures!

Lina looks freaked out by my (creepy?) clown costume!

A special shout out to Nina Ingham, who is my most faithful blog reader, for donating these sketch books which the kids are absolutely crazy about!

Linn Sophie had one of my favorite costumes, a mermaid, but Eva's pink cowgirl theme was hilarious!

The games were also quite a hit...we did about 15 rounds of Limbo and the dragons had a hay day playing with the balloons and decorations!

Happy Faschings!

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