Monday, February 25, 2013

the islands of italia!

Everyone pictures the boot when you mention Italy, but poor Sardinia and Sicily are often forgotten. I honestly forget about them too, but I will most certainly remember them now after visiting beautiful Sardinia this weekend.

It was beautiful, as I'd heard, but unfortunately the weather was not ideal. But, anything is better than the snow we've had in Germany for five months and counting.

I was in Alghero, an older port town with great historical charm. I enjoyed exploring the old city, eating delicious italian food, and soaking in the warmer-ish weather. The culture seemed typical italian with bright colors added, displayed in the rainbow duomo (pictured below)!

 However, the most fun thing I did (by far) was spend a morning collecting beach glass. I've always loved sea glass and collect a few pieces every summer at Lake Michigan. But, in Alghero, there was TONS. I mean, tons. I spent a morning wandering the rocky, less popular beaches and collecting it until my purse was completely full! It was so fun and I loved the variety of colors.

I can't decide what I should do with it, but I hope to come up with a cool way to display it and remember my Sardinian vacation (Number 54, check!). I would not necessarily recommend a solo vacation, but I would certainly recommend visiting Sardinia if you ever get the chance!
Although as I told my sister, sitting at a rooftop bar overlooking a beautiful city and ordering beachy drinks just is not as fun when you are alone :(

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