Sunday, February 3, 2013

Protests at The Dragon School...

Firing someone from a job is never goes off without a hitch, but here at the dragon school it seems to be going over even worse than normal. For one, releasing two teachers at once makes it twice as noticeable. Secondly, after announcing their release to everyone, they are expected to continue teaching til the end of February. And, on top of all of that, many of the students are very unhappy about these changes. 

I walked downstairs on Thursday to find Lina, Linn Sophie, and Jonna organizing a protest. They recruited other students and got signatures before parading around the whole school chanting. I couldn't help but laugh, but it was also extremely uncomfortable given the whole context of the situation and the fact that the principal and the one of the newly fired teachers were both present.

I could not help but laugh, but Katha's face shows shock as she first saw the protest taking place! All in all, it was an interesting series of events.

And I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful weekend in Antwerp and details and photos of that will be up shortly!

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