Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Smattering of Things...

Today has been a strange, strange day. School was fine...I had about 15 kids come to my english offer which is uncharacteristically high for a vocab lesson. We made brownies this afternoon and, as always, the kids loved it. But then, things got weird.


I had a meeting with my bosses, where they told me the trip to America was "a nice idea, but would not work out." I was bummed. If they had given me some explanation like that when I first brought it up, that would have been fine. But after weeks of planning and several presentations, along with them telling me they were 80% sure and the students being extremely excited, that did not seem like a sufficient explanation at all. I called my mom upset.

I made a few crafts and went to the grocery store (in the rain, womp womp), just trying to take my mind off of my frustrations. Then, I got an e-mail from the Vanderbilt graduate school telling me I made it through the first round of the application process and they want to interview me! Seeing as I have no clue what my chances are of getting into this neat counseling program, I was really happy. I called my mom excited.

I ate some dinner and was watching The Bachelor (just discovered how to watch it from Germany!!) when I got an e-mail from my boss, the weekly e-mails he sends to all parents. I quickly translated it to find out that Bea and Moni, two of the older teachers on our team, were fired today. I had mixed feelings about this, and I was also annoyed because he announced that they were fired effective March 1st and that I had opted not to return for a second year in August. I mean, at least he clarified that I was leaving on my own accord, but my bosses had assured me that I could tell the kids I was leaving, at the time of my choice. I called my mom confused.

On the bright side, Kate is coming to visit tomorrow and we are heading to Belgium to meet Lisa and the Thomas family for the weekend! I really do not know what to make of everything that happened today. And as I was drafting this blog, I called my mom by accident. (I think she is about to start screening my calls...)


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