Friday, January 4, 2013

Stateside Travels...

While one of the main advantages to this year in Germany is the luxury of travel, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I've been able to travel in America recently. With the cross country road trip this summer, I felt like I saw so much of my own country that I had never even known about. A little less exciting, I have taken two fun trips while being home this break. Both of them were more focused on people than places, but Smith Lake and DC did not disappoint!

The Lake Trip

I have been to the lake with Emily countless times in the spring, fall, and summer...but this was my first winter trip. It was as beautiful as ever, just a tad bit colder!

And because we love any reason to celebrate, I made half a cake in honor of emily's half birthday and we celebrated!

Washington DC for New Years

The first few days in DC were spent with my best friend Alison and her wonderful family...relaxing, catching up, cooking, exploring, and enjoying the house full of family!

I also officially crashed a wedding with the campbells...which was simultaneously fun and nerve racking! But all in all, a very festive and fun night!

The second part of my DC trip was spent reuniting with some of my best friends from Wake, which was long overdue and a wonderful few days!

The Riziks kindly hosted us and we did a quick tour of the sights, including an afternoon at the Newseum, which I would highly recommend!


We had a hilarious cocktail party before heading out for New Years Eve, which was a fun evening! All in all, my American travels have been quite a success!

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