Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wild Dragons!

The dragons have been exceptionally rowdy bouncing off the walls, blasting bad pop music, chasing each other around the school...rambunctious, to say the least! While it does get out of control sometimes, it has been a fun energy to have around the dragon school! Here are a few snaps from the past few days...
Dario, just chillin' with a dragon wrapped around his neck while we played Hangman to practice their English vocabulary.

Lina, pictured above, is usually such a sweetheart and always lets me scoop her up and read her stories.

 On Friday, however, she organized a snow attack and she and Jonna and Linn Sophie yelled "Schnee Attack!" and pelted me with snowballs upon my return from the grocery store! It was kind of hilarious but really cold!

These are some of my older students, typically "too cool for school", but lately have been really interested in the fact that they might get to come to America so they gather around and ask me questions about Florida!

This is Ron, who might speak the least English of any of my students, but he took a break from building his sand castle to wave for the camera.

Rene is hilarious. He pretends to hate me and always says he is "offline" (meaning I can't speak to him in English) but comes to ALL of my offers and will play games with me for hours on end!

 This looks like just a cute picture of Adrian and I, but if you look closely you can see bad little Tim scheming in the background...

And then about 5 seconds later he came running over and attacked us...typical Tim!

Luis reminds me of a cartoon character, he is so funny and flexible...and always says the craziest things! Luis is usually a sweetheart, but he didn't want his picture taken so he was hiding/hitting me with this christmas star and somehow the whole interaction was caught on film.

And this is Tibor, Adrian, and Dario...the three sweet little boys that love to use me as their personal jungle gym!

So today, I promised the kids that I would finally go sledding with them [and not go inside after 10 minutes because I was cold...per usual]. I thought this would be great in spite of all the energy they have had lately. So myself and four little girls gathered the old-fashioned sleds and went to a nearby hill. The sledding was wonderful....we flew down the hill and I am pretty sure we laughed the entire time. 

 As you can see, the dragons look adorable all bundled up in their snow gear and we had a wonderful time sliding down this snow-covered hill! Maybe this burned some of their energy so they'll be a little calmer tomorrow...I can only hope!


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