Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday's Woes

I used to have strong feelings about which days of the week I preferred over others. In high school, I loved Mondays because of Good News Club and Fridays because I went out to breakfast with my dad before school and the nights always consisted of football games and hilarious sonic trips with my friends. In college, I dreaded Tuesdays because of the long classes and the four days that still loomed ahead and always loved relaxing on Friday afternoons when no one ever had anything to be stressed about. All of that came to an immediate halt when I moved to Germany. Suddenly, it became all days of the week were equal except Wednesdays were hellacious. Why? Because Wednesdays are staff meeting days.

Staff meets could be classified as every ADD persons worst nightmare. On a good week, it is ONLY four hours of my fellow teachers rambling in German. The bad weeks it lasts until nearly 8 o'clock, meaning I've been sitting there trying to understand the quick speaking Germans for almost six hours. Miserable does not even begin to describe it.

Most people probably complain about staff meetings because they hate their co-workers, which, thankfully, is not the case here at the dragon school. I really enjoy the people I work with and we get along really well during the week, but on Wednesday afternoons by 4pm, I am ready to punch the next person who brings up a new topic for us to discuss.

So, I know I could have worse problems in my life, but on when I am about three hours into a meeting that I have not understood more than 20% of, it is hard to imagine anything more painful.



  1. I think you should try and make up a bad lip reading or bad translation of what they're saying... construct an alternate time and place in your mind, where you're all meeting, and options about what they could be talking about...