Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nostalgia Sets In...

I know I am really sentimental about the end of college, but I feel like I've been a pretty good sport about letting it go. Its easy for me to tell myself, "What you miss doesn't exist anymore..." For the most part, that is true. My best friends graduated with me and we all went our separate ways. Sure, Wake Forest still goes on...the football games, the classes, the parties, the nights in the library...but even I was still there it wouldn't be the same because so many of the people who made Wake what it was for me are gone now.
Annual Chi O trip to Skate Haven, circa 2011

However, the last few days I have not been able to convince myself of that. Bid day was always one of my favorite days...the start of the wonderful spring semester, the end of rush, the fun of roller skating in costume, 40 new girls that were always so enthusiastic about chi o, and the juniors back from abroad. Bid day always stands out in my mind as a great day. And seeing all the pictures go up on Facebook and Instagram has made me nostalgic for the good ole days at Wake Forest.
Freshman Year, just after receiving our bids!

Senior year, doing it all one last time!
While it is sad to miss these things, I can't help but be thankful for the wonderful friends I have and the fun bid days (and four years of college!) that we enjoyed together!

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