Monday, January 28, 2013

Swiss L'abri

After my trip to the swiss alps in August, I did not think anywhere could possibly be as scenic or astounding as Gimmelwald, but this trip certainly rivaled it!

I spent the weekend at L'abri, a christian retreat center where people of all ages (and from all parts of the world!) gather to live together in community, study God's word and search for answers to their questions, while also working together on daily tasks such as preparing meals and upkeep of the beautiful chalets. 

People come to L'abri for any length of time, I stayed only four days. I was joining Kate, who is spending two weeks there, but many people were there for several months.

Although these pictures are beautiful, they just do not do it justice. The views were absolutely spectacular. The sights alone were a testament to God's existence, along with interesting discussions, lectures, and reading during my short time there.

For me, the best part of the trip was the fascinating people, and the thought-provoking, hilarious, and unique conversations that we were able to have. Because of the nature of L'abri, the time spent working is a great time to get to know the other guests, but it is such an example of community living that it would be a challenge not to leave feeling like you had dozens of new friends. 

Though L'abri is located in the rural area of Huemoz, Switzerland, the adorable ski town of Villars is just a half hour's walk up the road. And, when you think of a quintessential swiss ski village, you have a good picture of Villars.

And, of course, I was sad to pack my bags after church yesterday (although Kate will be coming to Germany in three days!), even the train ride home was beautiful. All in all, this was an amazing trip and I felt very blessed by everything that took place this weekend.


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  1. Wow. Breathtaking is an understatement of those pictures - what an awesome experience.