Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dragons on Ice!

On Monday, I had the privilege (or duty...) of taking my students ice skating for the day! I was skeptical because they were being dramatic beforehand saying things like, "Laura...if you wear five coats I will not speak to you all day." I'm just trying to stay warm!! But, it ended up being hilariously wonderful day.

First of all, I had not been ice skating in at least ten years. Secondly, of the 19 kids who went, 15 owned ice skates so I was already nervous that they were going to be amazing ice skaters. Apparently not, everyone just owns ice skates here in Germany (probably because its SO COLD). Also, for the less experienced ice skaters, you could rent these little chairs/walkers with blades on the bottom like ice skates. 
I LOVED these...why weren't they around when I was a kid?!

Our new student, Dominik, happens to have a dad who is a professional ice skater so he came and showed us all some tricks. It was quite impressive.

The dragons were all levels...some were amazing and others just wanted to hold the wall all day. 

My least favorite was when they wanted to hold onto me...aka have me pull them around the rink.

We almost made it through the day without injury, but unfortunately Max fell and broke his foot on the ice. Everyone seemed completely unfazed by this, but I was really worried about him. He still has not come back to school and probably won't be here for a few weeks :(

All in all, the day was a success and the students had a really fun time!

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