Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TV Premier for the Dragons

Today was a great day at The Dragon School. A local TV channel, RNF, wanted to come film to do a feature on the school! Everyone was very enthusiastic, so I knew it would be a fun day. Georg decided that each student would sign up for offers in advance and be required to attend two offers today. It was wonderful. Instead of half the kids wandering around aimlessly, they were all in offers and engaged almost the whole day. Because of the planning ahead to sign up for offers, most of the teachers (myself included) had better thought-out offers, which made the whole learning experience more enjoyable for everyone. 
The participants after the English "Spot It" Tournament.
I especially loved it because, being the "token American", the film crew kept focusing on me so the kids were going crazy and climbing all over me, holding my hands, sitting in my lap, and wanting to hang out all day long. I felt like a celebrity.

I honestly wish the TV crew would come everyday, because it made the school day so much more productive and fun. Regardless, I cannot wait to see what they say on TV about the dragons!