Friday, May 10, 2013

Theatre in der Tromm

This week about half of the dragons have been at a local theatre practicing for their performance, which was held Wednesday afternoon. It was adorable, but typical elementary school play with mismatched costumes and one sweet girl bursting into tears of embarrassment on stage. All in all, I loved the performance and was very proud of the cute little dragons.

The theatre is right in Wald-Michelbach, and is a quintessential local theatre. All the students not performing showed up dressed in style, as you would for any fancy theatre event!

Luca was the only boy, so sweet Malin and Neele were troopers and played the part of boys, complete with wearing suits and being the grooms in the wedding!

The performance was colorful and fun, plus it was clear that the kids were having a wonderful time. I felt like a proud mom!

We celebrated afterwards with a potluck at the school, then said goodbye for the long weekend!

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  1. Lou Lou...I always knew you were a theatrical critic when you used to make fun of my dramatic stories and jokes at home! Nice story proud mama!! Love you. Poochster