Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Southern France

I just had to do a whole post on lovely Aix, but I wanted to share about the rest of my time in the south of France! I spent the other parts of my weekend in Marseille, which is an adorable beach town nearby. 

I arrived on Friday afternoon and walked around the port to get a feel for the city. I met some English speaking friends at the hostel, so we went out for a seafood dinner and explored the city by night until it started raining.

Saturday morning I headed to Aix-en-Provence, which was a quick but beautiful bus ride through the hills away. Sunday, when I returned, I decided to hit up the beach for some rest and relaxation.

The water was bright blue and could not have looked more inviting. The beach was also a prime place for people watching, complete with a French man serenading me, so the entertainment was not lacking at all. I relaxed, wrote post cards, walked along the beach and took it all in until the sunset was approaching.

 When the sun started sinking, I climbed up to Basillique Notre Dame for an incredible view of the city and the harbor at sunset. From there, I couldn't help but read a few verses from The Bible and soak in the beauty of creation. I was literally surrounded by incredible sights on all sides, it was wonderful.

Monday morning I woke up to leave, but could not bring myself to do so, so I spent the morning exploring the markets of Marseille and taking one more walk by the water before my departure.

I would also like to comment that previous to this weekend, my encounters with France were limited to my three visits to Paris. I have mixed feelings about Paris, and would have said that I was not crazy about France overall. I stand corrected. I still have mixed feelings about Paris, but if I had to spent the rest of my life in southern France I would not be sad about it.