Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Make My Day

I hate the expression "A Happy" as a little, pick-me-up, fun, surprise gift….but I adore the idea of it! And last night, after a long day of work, studying, babysitting, house work, class, wedding shower, dinner with friends….I finally returned home a little before 10pm. I was completely and utterly exhausted. I chatted with the roomies for a bit before heading to my room to crash. And there was the cutest little gift tied with a bow and a card, sitting on my bed!

I had secretly wanted this adorable sign with my favorite, made by Eden Flora, when I saw it on Instagram the other day.

Camille had previously e-mailed Eden asking her to make a cute sign with my favorite quote (and the name of this blog!) to thank me because I had helped her take her car to and from the shop last week, which seriously was not a big deal at all. And just to give me a little gift just because :)

And, to make this even more exciting, it fit perfectly in the last open spot on my gallery wall. So, now, my little desk corner area is finally complete!

Thank you, Camille! I love it and that was so thoughtful!

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