Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Cone Day

Yesterday, I was having another fun, play day with Dovie. We were enjoying our tacos on the patio of SATCO, when we kept noticing that the line at Ben and Jerrys next door was insane!

After wondering for a few minutes, we realized it was Free Cone Day! Of course, Dovie was ecstatic and quickly finished her lunch so we could go get in line to get our free cones.

And even though the line wasn't bad, we were hot by the time we got inside Ben and Jerrys! Hot and ready for some cold ice cream!

 In no time, we were getting our yummy cones and sweet, little Dovie was all smiles!

Dovie was thrilled! She told them exactly what she wanted and even tipped the servers herself, so it was a big treat for her! And afterwards, my friend Allison joined and we sat outside and reveled in the joy of our free ice cream cones.

And of course, Dovie bragged to her siblings the second they got home from school! But it was a nice little surprise for our Tuesday afternoon.

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