Thursday, March 27, 2014


Today was a lovely day. When you were a kid, play days were the best days. At 24, I was still thrilled when the mom I babysit for just told me to "make it a fun day" for the precious three year old I adore babysitting. We had a fun-filled afternoon with a little bit of everything.
First things first, we picked Camille up from work for a lunch date. Bread and Co, Sweet Ceces, and Shopping.

Then a quick pit stop at my house, where Dovie plopped herself down on the porch and exclaimed, "You have a beautiful house!"

Then, we took a trip to the pet store. This was a highlight.

The puppies were ADORABLE. I wanted to adopt one so badly.

 Dovie loved "meeting the cat"…I am not sure the cat enjoyed meeting Dovie after that handshake.

The mother cat was more welcoming, probably because she didn't bother waking up from her nap.

When the sun finally came out, we made a stop by Parmer Park. My mom came and met us to join in a little bit of the fun. The new playground was quite exciting.

As requested, we had our own little nail salon where we painted our toes matching colors and put sparkly nail polish on our fingers.

If I ever need a confidence boost, Dovie is my girl. She constantly compliments me, and the "way I braid her hair is the best in the world", so, of course, I had to braid it!

Snuggles and Books. What else do you need?!

And we ended our FUN day together by drawing a few pictures for each other. What a wonderful way to spend my Thursday.