Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Always] Proud to be a Demon Deacon

It is no secret that I love Wake Forest, but I am extra proud to be a demon deacon tonight. Wake Forest beat one of our biggest rivals, the Duke blue devils. And not only is this an exciting victory, it means we have defeated all three of our major in-state competitors this year! Go Deacs!

Its times like these when I miss the good ole days of games in the Joel, hideous black and yellow tie dye, and carrying on the tradition of rolling the quad to celebrate victories. But, to let deacons enjoy from afar, Wake forest has a webcam of the quad! Below is the quad at this very moment. How cool is that?!

It makes me nostalgic for days like these, when I was actually running around the quad with friends and toilet paper. Here a few of my favorite quad-rolling, victory celebrations!

As always, Go Deacs!

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