Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday...

…to one of my favorite places, Wake Forest University!

A friend told me once that he did not miss places, only people. But I disagree. I miss Wake Forest. Of course, I miss the people and all the wonderful friendships I had there. But I miss walking on the quad in the Spring. I miss the omelet line at The Pit. I miss themed parties and slip 'n slide. I miss rolling the quad after a big win. I miss long nights in the well-designed atrium of the library with friends commiserating beside me. I miss giving tours of the lovely campus. I miss drinking on Shorty's patio. I miss aWake All Night. I miss RUF on Tuesday nights. I miss walks in Reynolda Gardens with dear friends. I miss waking up on the halls with dozens of friends in yelling distance. I miss Wake Forest.

I cannot take credit for any of the above photos, but isn't Wait Chapel beautiful?! It is a sight to see in every season. How could you not miss such a wonderful place filled with four years of memories?


These pictures, however, I can take credit for. And they are all solid reminders of what a wonderful, challenging, growing four years at had a good ole Wake Forest. 

Happy Birthday, Mother So Dear!

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