Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Debut as American Doctors

My best friend since birth, Emily, is spending the year in East Asia. It has been an amazing adventure for her thus far, but she has been sick pretty constantly for the past three months. 

After tons of Asian doctors, a plethora of meds, and a week in the hospital in Shanghai, they prayerfully decided Emily had to come home to America to get this health issues taken care of. 

She was super bummed, so we decided to spice up her homecoming with costumes and poking fun at all the sickness misery she has been dealing with lately. After much discussion, we decided to dress as doctors in scrubs and mouth germ covers. We accented with american themed accessories and made festive signs to demonstrate our love and excitement.

 We knew she would be exhausted after 30 hours of traveling alone while being sick, but our goal was to make this homecoming as wonderful as possible, despite the circumstances! 

The reunion was sweet! We are SO happy to have Emily on American soil, even if she is missing East Asia and only here until her health is back on track. And even though Chic-fil-A closes at 9pm and her flight didn't arrive til 10:30, we had to bring her favorite American meal!

Em, America is happy to have you back, even if its short lived! We love you!

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