Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday Night: Roommate Dinner

Here at The Grut, Livvy recently started the brilliant tradition of alternating who cooks for the whole house on Tuesday evenings. Livvy is the chef extraordinare, but so far we have all successfully cooked delicious meals for the house!

Two weeks ago, I was in charge and I made all the fixings for personal pizzas (including the famous homemade dough, compliments of my mom!). We had fun preparing them together and they tasted fabulous.

Last week, I came home to the aurora of cajun cuisine and I was thrilled. Camille had prepared an amazing kinua jumbalaya, a delicious salad, and warm, french bread.

Rita showed us all up this week with amazing chicken stuffed with feta cheese and spices, wrapped in bacon. Just typing about it makes my mouth water. The asparagus, rosemary potatoes, and bread were delectable as well.

 We are loving this new little tradition because its a healthy, inexpensive way to make sure that we all eat one meal together each week…and a good way to make us practice our culinary skills!


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